3 Best Scuba diving locations to visit in India

Scuba diving is probably the most adventurous water sport ever. Scuba diving offers a wide range of diving and swimming options underwater to explore the awe-inspiring species of flora and fauna. India has some of the best scuba diving sites ranging near islands and coastal areas. If you are looking for some of the stunning scuba diving places, below are the options you should visit often. Scroll down to know the places where the sites are located.

  1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

This beautiful and stunning island presents you the most awe inspiring coastal spots where several types of underwater exploration are performed. Without a doubt, these islands are the most fascinating destinations for water sports and scuba diving.  The water s have various species such as coral reefs, octopuses, sharks, shellfish, anger fish, crocodiles etc. and several others living in a mesmerizing landscape. The locations one should visit for scuba diving are The Wall in Havelock Island, Cinque Island in Port Blair, and Fish Rock in Passage Island. With a reasonable expense for the best underwater experience, Andaman Islands exhibit the nature at its best. The only dream I, Sanjeet Singh Veen had all my life was to scuba dive in the great waters of Andaman Islands.

  1. Lakshadweep Islands

East of the state of Kerala far off the Malabar Coast, a group of 36 islands collectively known as Lakshadweep islands exhibits the heavenly underwater experiences like nowhere else. Combined with ecstatic views and remotest location experiences, Lakshadweep packs the best packages for scuba diving and water sports such as snorkeling, sport fishing and many more. Famous for its diversity in tourism, Lakshadweep is believed to be one of the best tourism locations in the country of India. Being one of the four coral reefs regions of India, the Lakshadweep Archipelago houses have over thousands of species of fauna and fauna ready to be explored by the diver. For you to visit for scuba diving, Aggati islands, Bangarram islands and many more to come up in the future at very reasonable prices.

  1. Goa

Not only a getaway tourist place in summers, coastline of Goa are spotted with diving sites best known to find the diverse reef and fish species. Enlisted in history as one of the highest shipwrecks location in India, Goa sports tourism offers best experiences to the tourists.6 unlike beer fests and night parties, Goa also has countless water bodies where water sports are performed. Sites like Uma Guva Reef, Shelter Cove, Locker of Davy jones and the Jetty offers tourists with scuba diving, the best that a coastline can bestow. Costing a reasonable amount from our pocket, scuba diving in Goa is necessary do activity.


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