Sanjeet Sing Veen-A Business Man with a Clear Strategy

Sanjeet Singh Veen is certainly one name in the list of entrepreneurs who have generated cash flow, sales, revenue to many business firms with his intellectual business strategies and vivid ideas. He might not be worldly recognised, but is one of the pioneer businessmen who have contributed his share of knowledge to the world of tire business. A business man is not only a person who runs business, but also the one who has the knowledge on various list of activities like commercial and industrial tactics. Sanjeet Veen is considered to be one of the savvy and courageous who had the vision to build his imagination with his organizing ability.

The man who created himself – Sanjeet Singh Veen
Sanjeet who earned Master degree in Finance from New York had a great deal of interests in real estate and automotive business. Being a travel enthusiast, Sanjeet had gained handsome knowledge on trade and business by exploring various places and understanding their business culture. A man with strong will and determination has worked heart-fully to set his business in automotive. He is no exception like most of the businessmen who have faced the ups and downs in business. Sanjeet can be widely quoted as one of the success stories who had its share of misfortune,in spite emerged strong out of every failure.
Being an active philanthropist from childhood, Veen have contributed to numerous social activities to support various communities, and unprivileged. His philanthropic character has supported many charities and their causes by improving the fundamental provisions.


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