Sanjeet Veen – From the Practice of Mindfulness to the Path of wisdom

Now that,I have been writing a lot about travelling, I would like to pen about my personal experiences concerning spirituality. Most of the people know me as, Sanjeet Veen, the successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, autodidact and nomad. On the contrary, I am also a person who deeply believes in the principles of Buddhism – the way to attain spirituality. Spirituality is not what I have learned while travelling; this seed was long laid into my mind by my grandparents, when I was too young.  Born in a secular country into a conservative family, it was difficult to understand the religious complications and different traditions that one has to follow. I had too many questions, and not so satisfying answers. Even though I have inherited the knowledge about Buddhism from my grandparents, the longing to know more about it kept crawling in my mind forever.

The journey towards morality
I have always been driven by the very fact that Buddhism is more than just a religion. The religion focuses on personal spiritual development within oneself.  Buddhism always focuses on, how one can experience the simple things around and lead a calm, peaceful life. I always happened to be interested in theology. Religious studies not only helped me to comprehend the culture of various places but also abetted me in understanding human behaviour. Being a business man, I always tend to be intent about my competitors.  These studies happened to build great human relation which helped me both professionally and personally.

Not everyone gets a chance to re-evaluate their life. The one who gets this chance are lucky and the one who takes the chance to re-evaluate and re-invent are the luckiest. We all need to take time and practice to nurture ourselves to attain morality and wisdom. I, Sanjeet Veen, manager of accounting firm, strongly believe in the wisdom of karma. At the age of 50, after encountering various phases of life, I have learnt how to remove the obstacles and hurdles that would trip me down and stop me from moving forward. Life throws challenges which are inevitable;however I have managed to replenish my drained energy by focusing on mind, body and spirit through meditation.

The real experience

As an advocate and firm believer of Buddhism, I like teaching and communicating the real essence of nurturing the spiritual mind. Taking care or nurturing   oneself is not about a following a healthy diet, exercising or having healthy life style but also about a healthy spirit. A healthy spirit sharpens the perception on life to feel the inner joy and live at peace every moment.


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