Bangkok, A Traveller’s Destination – Sanjeet Veen

Sanjeet Veen world traveler and enjoys teaching and cooking from all his world travels. He has traveled numerous times to South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout North America. Sanjeet Veen would like to share his secrets on how to have a wonderful vacation filled with lasting memories.

Bangkok – A Traveller’s Destination

The best way to understand the importance of a place is to look through traveller’s eye.Today, while I was checking my travel diary, I came across the reminiscences of visiting Bangkok. Bangkok is considered to be one of the world top tourism destinations. However there are many people who hardly agree to this point. Complimented with a glorious past, spectaculars places, incredible architecture with intricate detail, meticulously carved temples; the city is somewhere lost in the modern times.
Walking through the streets of the city, it felt like every place has a captivating story to tell. Even though I haven’t seen the city completely but there are few places that draw my attention.
The Grand Palace of Bangkok – Built in 1782, by creative artistry of Thai, with marvellous facades and impressive structures, stands as a never aging beauty. The well-articulated walls of the royal residence compliments the Thai craftsmen’s vision and architectural excellence. The Emerald Buddha carved from a block of jade, remind you of his teaching that seems like echoing in every edge of the palace. The palace is considered to be the most sacred place due to the statue of Buddha. The visitors are supposed to be dressed decently before entering the premises of the palace.

The Temple of Dawn – Also known as Wat Arun is constructed during 19th century in Khmer style.  The dome shaped construction with ornate floral pattern adorned with glazed porcelain is splendid. The creativity and the fine carving is certainly a delight to the one who has a great interest in ancient sculpture. These carvings can be enjoyed without taking away your eyes for a minute. A lifetime seems to be less, admiring this piece of art that is bestowed in every corner of the street signifying its ancient culture and tradition.

The Floating Market – Passing through the mesmerising streets of the historic monuments, I reached up to a place called the floating market.  The floating market has boats that are piled high with fruits, vegetables, juices, local cooked food. One can relish the food and magnificence of the place by relaxing in a boat.

The Chao Phraya River – close to my place of stay, the river chao flows intertwined through the city. The view of these blue waters on the land of Buddha teachings is nothing but a scintillating experience.

Bangkok is indeed world top tourism place, which can never be described in words. One has to visit the place to experience the magnificent aura to understand why it is called so. It is not just the place, but the people are so warm and welcoming that you will end with memories that will have a special feeling and place in your life.


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