Sanjeet Veen – The Real Entrepreneur

From the Knack of learning business studies, Sanjeet Veen have travelled a long way to achieve his dream. The Real entrepreneur have has seen his share of hardship while climbing the ladder of success.  Most of his friends believed that, Sanjeet was deeply interested in setting up automotive business from quite a long time. His travelling experience, political and cultural knowledge made him to study the exact meaning of trade. 

Finance and trade

Sanjeet had done immerse work to understand how trade and finance can collaborated to generate profits to the company. He had team up with various budding companies ranging from real estate to various automotive services to build his business.  Even though he had his share of failures during his budding days as entrepreneur, Sanjeet Veen have constantly fought back all the obstacles and set a trade mark for himself.

Cooking and teaching

Apart from being a successful business man, Sanjeet Veen has got a great deal of interest in cooking and teaching. Exploring various parts of the world, he has expertise in cooking several continental recipes. He believes that no art can be learnt unless it is experienced and then mastered.  Sanjeet enjoys community talks where he likes to share his business experiences, tips and ideas about spiritualism. Sanjeet Veen is the real icon, form many young entrepreneurs who aspires to follow their dreams.


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