How to Travel to your Favourite Destination in less Money?

Travelling is the most exciting experience with series of events and long lasting memories. I have been travelling all my life to various places. From the moment I started taking decisions of my life, all I wanted to do is travel as much as possible. But how will I be able to fulfil this dream? I need money, not just money, but lots of money to travel. So initially it was not so easy to go around with the money I had, as I was still studying. Backthen it was difficult to find a resource that could guide you on how to plan your trip with less money.There was no internet, no blog sites or travel guides. All one has is talk to people or explore the limited resources available as much as possible. Here are few tips that helped me to accomplish my wish out of my travel experience.

Decide your destination – Before starting with anything, the most important thing to understand is your interest. There are many places in the world. Even if you have plenty of money, there are only certain places of interest which you want to visit. Take a pen, paper and start writing what are the top ten places you want to visit. Let your list of places be precise. Once you are done with these ten places, you can add the next ten.

Decide your duration – As you are ready with your destination. The next step is to plan duration. To plan duration the most important thing is to know about the place. Browse internet or visit a library that provides knowledge of highlights, tourism spots, attractions, lodging, boarding, things to do in the place etc.

Decide your budget – Here come the crucial aspect-Budget. You know where you want to go and what you want to do. All you have to worry is how. Cutting down the expenses is not a difficult task. Differentiating what is important and what not gives you a clear idea. For example: If you want to choose a luxury hotel or a normal one to stay. Whether you want to travel alone or travel in group. Based on these analyses start saving money. Once you have enough money, check your date and book your flights.

Decide on alternative – You heard me right. Before boarding your flights, make sure you have a look at your checklist. Mark if everything planned is going accordingly or not. The best suggestion I feel is to create an alternate plan. What if by chance you happen to spend more than what you have planned. Anything could happen, so it is wise to be prepared to save some extra money, or cut of down on things that are not important.

Now you are set to go. Travelling to various places has got its own advantages. You will not only enjoy your stay while exploring the city, but will gain knowledge on many things.

About Author: Sanjeet Veen world traveler and enjoys teaching and cooking from all his world travels. He has traveled numerous times to South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout North America. Sanjeet Veen would like to share his secrets on how to have a wonderful vacation filled with lasting memories.


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