Quick Travelling tips for an Unplanned Tour

Travelling is something that has to be enjoyed and reminisced forever. But does it happen to you always? Well for me, I am a frequent traveller. From past thirty years most of my life is spent away from home exploring various places and learning from them. I have been to various tours that were unplanned and required my immediate attention as I was very much involved in setting up my firm. Un-planned leaves could be very welcoming and turn out to be bizarre at times. If you are someone like me who is uncertain about the next vacation, then this article is for you.Vacation can be a surprise from your family or business requirement. If it is well planned and executed then nothing to worry about, but if not even simple things can leave a terrible memory you would never want to reminisce. A nomad has to understand basic thing that no matter which place you visit there are few things you always want to have with you. We cannot be confident that the unplanned trip could be enjoyable, but you can make it more comfortable.

What are the things you should have?

• If the trip is on a sole purpose for business and you are running out of money, then plan the tour as per your schedule. The first hurdle one will face is means of transport. If you cannot afford flight, check for another means of transport that can get you to your destiny. If you have very less time, then try and postpone your return journey so that you could afford a cheaper means of transport.
• You can also use online resources to plan your trip, most of the website will help you plan the trip in cheaper rates with better comfort levels then you have ever expected.
• Always stuff the travelling bag with necessary things whenever you have time. Most of the times in unexpected trips, you have no time to pack the important stuff.
• Make sure your travel bag has these things. First –aid box, energy drinks, dry fruits, water bottle. In any situation you happen to meet with any accident, these things will keep you going.
• For long journeys, I would suggest to have magazines and novels of your interest that will keep you occupied throughout the journey.
• Backup plan is something every travel should exercise. Here my mention of backup plan is regarding to the electronic gadgets we carry. Laptops, mobiles all need charging. If your device run out of battery then it becomes impossible to plan rest of the activities. Make sure your travel bag has extra charging devices that can save you from unpredictable circumstances.
• Most importantly, never carry clothes that are very heavy or does not go with all kinds of climate. Carry clothes that are light in weight, easy to carry and can adjust with any climate.

Author: Sanjeet Veen world traveler and enjoys teaching and cooking from all his world travels. He has traveled numerous times to South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout North America.Sanjeet Veen would like to share his secrets on how to have a wonderful vacation filled with lasting memories.


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