Bhutan – A Guide to a Sustainable Tourism

When I heard the term sustainable Tourism Tips for the first time, it was little unusual. Was it a strategy of the tourism department to promote the place, is it some kind of marketing strategy or if something of that sort is really practiced. I tugged my shoes, ready with my travel bag on the way to find the answer. And here is what I witnessed.

Bhutan – An isolated pristine Kingdom
Being one of the smallest countries with cultural diversity and primeval environment has introduced measures that kept the country away from the outer influences of the other part of world. My very first foot in the place, left with chills of excitement all over the body. The developmental activities in the places to eliminate poverty improve access to preliminary services and encourage education, are inclined more towards sustainable approach, not completely getting lost in materialistic development. . The country has opened the gates to tourism, political drifts and social change with a goal of retaining spiritual balance.

The country was aware that opening for tourism unrestric5ed could influence culture and development activities of the place. This place had come with a commendable idea of High value- low volume tourism to save environmental impacts.

Bhutan attractions
Bhutan is not just like other places which has got its unique tourism attractions. Here the people are equally inspiring to know how they dedicate themselves to save the countries uniqueness. The main tourism attractions its religious festivals, historic monuments like Palphug Monastery, Dochula Pass, Buddha Dordenma, Tashicch Dzong, Rinpung Dzong, and the natural environment.

While many countries are finding their way to battle the development sector to stand ahead among the race, Bhutan have followed its eco-tourism policies and inculcated guidelines that encouraged local employment, improved life styles , increased literacy, and built a strong economic grounds. Today Bhutan is considered to be one of the self-sufficient countries, which has not lost its cultural significance in the rat race of degrading development practices.

Long stay trip
The place where mountain sings with birds, valleys are in love with their forest grounds, streets are painted with warmth of people, and monasteries are the mainstream attractions, one cannot get over the place in few days. You must spend some quality time that is reminisced over the years as the most beautiful memory in your travel diaries. Rich in flora and fauna, this place is truly a natural charm that embraces its rich diversity.


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