Things you must Carry on a Business Trip

Travelling for work is not a happy go vacation, wherethere is no need of a checklist and be as you wish. Business trip is very different; you must be ready to face the remote office challenges round the time. I have been travelling all my life to attend various workshops and business deals. It is very important to stay ahead if you want to crack the deal. Unlike the other trips you plan, business trip required preparedness and planning. You hardly have personal time, so if something is missing in your planning list, you have to end up miserable. These are few things; I am listing down below which I personally feel are very essential for a business trip.

Dress Code – First and foremost thing you have to evaluate is the dress code. You may be thinking how a dress code matters. Well honestly, it matters a lot. Make sure you get a quick update from your work place if there is any specific dress code fixed for the meeting or it’s a regular choice. Make sure you carry your clothes depending upon the climate. You can have a pair of pant and a matching jacket, if you want to reduce the baggage. However carry one extra outfit, just in case you have to go for an evening dinner or an office party after the meeting.

Business card- Abusiness trip makes no sense to me without a business card. Networking is very important in a business trip. Carrying a business card acts as referral which can eventually provide a good business deal in future that could benefit your company growth. Always have spare cards in your travel bag and make sure you carry few of them before attending a meeting.

Notepad and pen- This might sound little out-dated to my techno friends but believe me this is the most essential thing you need to have even if you are carrying your laptops. Sometimes we cannot open our laptops to note down important things, at that particular time, a notepad and pen will be at your rescue. Business meetings are something which seems carry forward even after you leaving the conference rooms. These discussing always give the impression of a never ending tale.

Mouth fresheners/mint – Mints and mouth fresheners are very important especially for a business meeting. Do not carry fowl spell or odour while passing on a business card to speaking at a business meeting. It’s not how well you do your presentation; you also have to make sure that you follow basic ethics to create a professional impression.


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