The Best Travel Apps

Travelling could be very messy if not planned accordingly. Thanks to the tech-savvy world for discovering smart phones and developing applications that are blessing to a relentless traveller like me. Most of my travels are planned on a short notice. If I have to travel to a place which is complete alien and have very less idea about it, I had to carry a lot of stuff to make sure I haven’t gone missing. Geographical map, tourism books, guides and things keep adding to the list. I end up with baggage that is a total mess and unsure where to start from.

A smart phone has made everything simple and comfortable. Half of my baggage is managed by my iPhone. There are many apps that are developed every year which helps you to find your holiday destination and plan it in your budget. Hassle free travelling is in your pocket now.

According to me the most useful travelling apps I found so far are:

Citymapper – I have been using Google Maps for quite some time until I found this app. Citymapper is more comprehensive and offers real time information regarding to departures, city routes etc. Available in 30 cities around the world, provides more detail information if you like to keep a tab on every aspect of your travel plan.

Snapseed – For someone who wishes to cherish every memory of his travel experience, Snapseed App is designed exclusively for them. Not everyone have a good camera, or you might have forgotten to take it along. Not to worry, this App allows you to take fine tune photos with detailed options that will make your Instagram flourish with amazing travel photos.

Periscope – Want to update your friends and followers about your new travel adventure, than you must install Periscope in your mobile devices. This wonderful App developed by Twitter enables the travel to capture and broadcast live videos from anywhere in the world.

XE Currency – Travel to different countries, you must not be having update on the present currency conversion rates. However this App built with features of precious metals, historic chats, and currency conversion updates, helps the traveller to plan his trip accordingly. Now spending and buying is easy as you have the currency conversion App in your hands.

LiveTrekker – This wonderful App creates a digital memory for your journey on an interactive map. Now you can travel free without worrying about the drive, as the App marks your route while you are on it also giving you information on the vehicle speed and altitude. You can make it more interesting by adding videos, picture to the map making it more adventurous and exciting.

Author: Sanjeet Veen world traveler and enjoys teaching and cooking from all his world travels. He has traveled numerous times to South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout North America. Sanjeet Veen would like to share his secrets on how to have a wonderful vacation filled with lasting memories.


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