Explore the real Adventure through best Trekking spots in India

Trekking is a magical feeling in a country like India, where all the four corners of the country are bestowed with dense mountains and icy terrains. Trekking is a combination of intense physical exercise and unique learning experience. This amazing adventure helps you connect with nature and also serves as a better way of learning. It helps you understand how much you can take for granted and how much needs to be appreciated. I have been a constant wanderer, when it comes to trekking; it rejuvenated by thinking process and makes me feel fresh and calm. Reaching the peak of mountain serenity, drifts away all negative thoughts and builds positive energy within you.
For the adventure lovers who find trekking the most exquisite travel sport, here are few trekking spots of India one must visit soon.

RoopKund Trek, Uttarakhand
Trekking is the most adventurous part of travelling. For those who want it to make little more exciting Roopkund Trek is for you. Amidst the breath taking meadows and amazing view of the glaciers, the mystic lake with skeletons at the bottom makes it more interesting. With a maximum altitude of 5030m, the trip can be planned for 6-10 days in between May to October.

Chembra Peak Trek, Wayanad – Kerala
Considered to be the tallest peak in kerala, Chembra peak trek is spread across 9 km is easy to climb in a day or two. With 2100m above sea level is a life time experience to savour the rich grassy meadows with a heart shaped lake Hridaya Saras at the top.

Valley of Flowers Trek, Uttarakhand
The real trekking experience is incomplete if one has not explored the Valley of Flowers. Considered to be the most beautiful trekking spot of India, is spread over 3600m above sea level. Gushed endangered animals and colourful foliage, the place is ideal for trekking between June- September.

Dzongri Trek , West Sikkim
Located at 4000m from sea level, this trekking journey is considered to be the toughest by any standards. One needs to take a break of 8-9 days from routine life to explore this experience to the fullest. Starting from Yuksom, the Dzongri trek allows you to enjoy the spectacular view of Kanchenjunga (the third highest peak of India).

Markha Valley Trek , Ladakh
When we talk about trekking, the most important thing we consider is how tall the mountain is. Trekking is incomplete when it doesn’t challenge you for its height. The feel of real adventure can be enjoyed only when you have the tall mountain standing in front of you challenging you to achieve the impossible. Located at an altitude of 5200m , with 80 km wide spread Markha Valley Trek can be best explored from August- September.

Reconnoitring these silent mountains has always made me believe that the more you grow in life, the wiser and calmer you become. These silent saints teach you the best lessons of your life, which your classroom education has never focussed on.


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