Water Sports & Other Thrill Seeking Sports in the USA

Popular individual sports including full body contact sports are wrestling, boxing, MMA, tennis, golf, track & field and motorsports. There are many other sports that are popular in the USA,but are mostly taken up as pass time & amateur sports. They have their niche followers and audience who regularly follow them. Waters ports and other thrill seeking sports come under this category.

Swimming and Surfing as Sports in the USA
Swimming is a major competitive multi-disciplinary water sport at schools and colleges in the USA, making it a predominantly amateur sport with very few who take it up as profession.Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz, Matt Biondi, Ryan Lochte, Gary Hall.Jr are popular swimmers in the USA. Surfing is a popular thrill seeking water sport in the US coastal areas with California and Hawaii as popular surfing destination. Kelly Slater, Nat Young,Carissa Moore, Courtney Conlogue are popular surfers in the USA.

Cycling & Board Sports in the USA
Thrill seeking sports are very popular in the USA with Road bicycle racing being one such sport. Tours de France, Olympics have fuelled popularity of road bicycle racing in the USA. Fred Rodriguez, Matthew Busche, Kristin Armstrong, Evelyn Stevens, Gregory Daniel, Jade Wilcoxsonare known cyclist in the USA. Mountain Biking is also popular especially in the areas abutting the Rocky Mountains in the USA.Skateboarding is another popular sport in the USA, with majority of professional skateboarders. Though it’s an injury prone sport that requires participants to wear protective gear while speeding on roads or inclines. Snow boardingis popular in areas that has snow throughout the year.

Sports with Animal Involvement in the USA
Horse Racing is very popular in the USA with The Kentucky Derby,The Breeders’ Cup and the Triple Crown the prominent competitions. For this sport horses are especially bred across the USA & given unique names to make them stand apart. The sport attracts lot of money with thorough bred horses being most prized.Betting in horse race is allowed in the USA with big money riding it attracts many international jockeys who race horses. Rodeo is a cowboy sport in the USA of which Bull Riding is a subseta very popular sport. It attracts many professional bull riders who aim to stay on top of the bull or horse for as long as possible.

Though not as popular & money spinning as boxing, motorsports or NFL these sports do attract a lot of talented sportsperson, and they have t


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