4 Best Bakeries in America

We still stand in the long queue to get our favourite pastries or cookies that have been our favourite from childhood. That old bakery at the corner started its business when you were very young, and had grown all these years with you. Our food styles interests might have changed all the growing years but our love for bakery items remain. Bakeries are those sophisticated zones where we allow ourselves to get a loaf of sourdough, but end up buying some 15 varieties of food that includes peanut butter. Trust me, peanut butter that is found in a bakery tastes best than that which is available in big markets.

Here are Sanjeet Singh Veens favourite bakery zones throughout America. It is very important to bribe he child inside us at times.

Sweet Mandy’s Bakery– If you have ever lived in Chicago near to Lincoln Park, then you knows why I am talking about Mandy’s bakery. This place stands ahead among many others in this region for its delicious cookies. A morning with a crisp , coconut , chocolate chip filled cookies with black coffee, What more you need for a lovely start in the morning. These cooking blended with right amount of coconut and chocolate gives you a pleasant feeling to your palate. You also get to taste rice cake crispiest, seasonal pies, snicker doodles, cupcakes etc.

Flour Bakery and Café – With more than 15 years of expertise, Flour bakery is known for pecan sticky buns found nowhere else other than this. Located in Boston the pop tart, cream pie are the best cuisines on the menu. The old-fashioned sour cream coffee cake and chocolate brioche are one of my favourite in this bakery. Boston is where you stay, please do not let go the opportunity to taste some delicacies in this bakery.

Bribery Bakery – In Texas,everything is big and bakery stands no exception to it. The women who established this bakery have an attractive fan following which keeps this place crowded every hour. The POP up pastry, cinnamon rolls, sweet potato whoopee pies are some exceptional delicacies available here.

Bakery Lorraine – one of the best to be considered among the Lorraine bakeries is this San Antonio’s Lorrain bakery. Themacaroons, which are heavily featured on the menu, are the most popular cuisine, along with peppermint hot chocolate and ginger bread.

Having a bakery around the place you stay is blessing. Despite the fast food zonespopping up in every street corner, bakeries are the one, which provide some tasty authenticities, which may not available in any other menu.


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