4 Best Bakeries in America

We still stand in the long queue to get our favourite pastries or cookies that have been our favourite from childhood. That old bakery at the corner started its business when you were very young, and had grown all these years with you. Our food styles interests might have changed all the growing years but our love for bakery items remain. Bakeries are those sophisticated zones where we allow ourselves to get a loaf of sourdough, but end up buying some 15 varieties of food that includes peanut butter. Trust me, peanut butter that is found in a bakery tastes best than that which is available in big markets. Continue reading


Water Sports & Other Thrill Seeking Sports in the USA

Popular individual sports including full body contact sports are wrestling, boxing, MMA, tennis, golf, track & field and motorsports. There are many other sports that are popular in the USA,but are mostly taken up as pass time & amateur sports. They have their niche followers and audience who regularly follow them. Waters ports and other thrill seeking sports come under this category. Continue reading

Explore the real Adventure through best Trekking spots in India

Trekking is a magical feeling in a country like India, where all the four corners of the country are bestowed with dense mountains and icy terrains. Trekking is a combination of intense physical exercise and unique learning experience. This amazing adventure helps you connect with nature and also serves as a better way of learning. It helps you understand how much you can take for granted and how much needs to be appreciated. I have been a constant wanderer, when it comes to trekking; it rejuvenated by thinking process and makes me feel fresh and calm. Reaching the peak of mountain serenity, drifts away all negative thoughts and builds positive energy within you.
For the adventure lovers who find trekking the most exquisite travel sport, here are few trekking spots of India one must visit soon. Continue reading

Things you must Carry on a Business Trip

Travelling for work is not a happy go vacation, wherethere is no need of a checklist and be as you wish. Business trip is very different; you must be ready to face the remote office challenges round the time. I have been travelling all my life to attend various workshops and business deals. It is very important to stay ahead if you want to crack the deal. Unlike the other trips you plan, business trip required preparedness and planning. You hardly have personal time, so if something is missing in your planning list, you have to end up miserable. These are few things; I am listing down below which I personally feel are very essential for a business trip. Continue reading