Things you must Carry on a Business Trip

Travelling for work is not a happy go vacation, wherethere is no need of a checklist and be as you wish. Business trip is very different; you must be ready to face the remote office challenges round the time. I have been travelling all my life to attend various workshops and business deals. It is very important to stay ahead if you want to crack the deal. Unlike the other trips you plan, business trip required preparedness and planning. You hardly have personal time, so if something is missing in your planning list, you have to end up miserable. These are few things; I am listing down below which I personally feel are very essential for a business trip. Continue reading


The Best Travel Apps

Travelling could be very messy if not planned accordingly. Thanks to the tech-savvy world for discovering smart phones and developing applications that are blessing to a relentless traveller like me. Most of my travels are planned on a short notice. If I have to travel to a place which is complete alien and have very less idea about it, I had to carry a lot of stuff to make sure I haven’t gone missing. Geographical map, tourism books, guides and things keep adding to the list. I end up with baggage that is a total mess and unsure where to start from. Continue reading

Bhutan – A Guide to a Sustainable Tourism

When I heard the term sustainable Tourism Tips for the first time, it was little unusual. Was it a strategy of the tourism department to promote the place, is it some kind of marketing strategy or if something of that sort is really practiced. I tugged my shoes, ready with my travel bag on the way to find the answer. And here is what I witnessed. Continue reading

Quick Travelling tips for an Unplanned Tour

Travelling is something that has to be enjoyed and reminisced forever. But does it happen to you always? Well for me, I am a frequent traveller. From past thirty years most of my life is spent away from home exploring various places and learning from them. I have been to various tours that were unplanned and required my immediate attention as I was very much involved in setting up my firm. Un-planned leaves could be very welcoming and turn out to be bizarre at times. If you are someone like me who is uncertain about the next vacation, then this article is for you. Continue reading

How to Travel to your Favourite Destination in less Money?

Travelling is the most exciting experience with series of events and long lasting memories. I have been travelling all my life to various places. From the moment I started taking decisions of my life, all I wanted to do is travel as much as possible. But how will I be able to fulfil this dream? I need money, not just money, but lots of money to travel. So initially it was not so easy to go around with the money I had, as I was still studying. Backthen it was difficult to find a resource that could guide you on how to plan your trip with less money.There was no internet, no blog sites or travel guides. All one has is talk to people or explore the limited resources available as much as possible. Here are few tips that helped me to accomplish my wish out of my travel experience. Continue reading

Bangkok, A Traveller’s Destination – Sanjeet Veen

Sanjeet Veen world traveler and enjoys teaching and cooking from all his world travels. He has traveled numerous times to South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout North America. Sanjeet Veen would like to share his secrets on how to have a wonderful vacation filled with lasting memories.

Bangkok – A Traveller’s Destination

The best way to understand the importance of a place is to look through traveller’s eye.Today, while I was checking my travel diary, I came across the reminiscences of visiting Bangkok. Bangkok is considered to be one of the world top tourism destinations. However there are many people who hardly agree to this point. Complimented with a glorious past, spectaculars places, incredible architecture with intricate detail, meticulously carved temples; the city is somewhere lost in the modern times. Continue reading

Sanjeet Veen – The Real Entrepreneur

From the Knack of learning business studies, Sanjeet Veen have travelled a long way to achieve his dream. The Real entrepreneur have has seen his share of hardship while climbing the ladder of success.  Most of his friends believed that, Sanjeet was deeply interested in setting up automotive business from quite a long time. His travelling experience, political and cultural knowledge made him to study the exact meaning of trade.  Continue reading

Sanjeet Veen – From the Practice of Mindfulness to the Path of wisdom

Now that,I have been writing a lot about travelling, I would like to pen about my personal experiences concerning spirituality. Most of the people know me as, Sanjeet Veen, the successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, autodidact and nomad. On the contrary, I am also a person who deeply believes in the principles of Buddhism – the way to attain spirituality. Spirituality is not what I have learned while travelling; this seed was long laid into my mind by my grandparents, when I was too young.  Born in a secular country into a conservative family, it was difficult to understand the religious complications and different traditions that one has to follow. I had too many questions, and not so satisfying answers. Even though I have inherited the knowledge about Buddhism from my grandparents, the longing to know more about it kept crawling in my mind forever. Continue reading

Sanjeet Sing Veen-A Business Man with a Clear Strategy

Sanjeet Singh Veen is certainly one name in the list of entrepreneurs who have generated cash flow, sales, revenue to many business firms with his intellectual business strategies and vivid ideas. He might not be worldly recognised, but is one of the pioneer businessmen who have contributed his share of knowledge to the world of tire business. A business man is not only a person who runs business, but also the one who has the knowledge on various list of activities like commercial and industrial tactics. Sanjeet Veen is considered to be one of the savvy and courageous who had the vision to build his imagination with his organizing ability. Continue reading